Thursday, November 18, 2010

some finished things..

The other day I began working on my Christmas list. I've made fairly decent progress. But first, I got caught up baking! My mother signed me up to make cupcakes for Thanksgiving so I figured I'd better practice a bit before dinner!

These are carrot cake with cream cheese frosting that I dyed with food coloring. They turned out so much better than I expected! I love the yellow, it turned out very bright.

After cupcakes, I got back to work on my list. I finished a scarf for my Dad's girlfriend and some Penn State colored dishcloths/pot holders for my grandmother and grandfather!

I ended up with 48 motifs making the scarf about 74" long. I love it!

I made four of these, two for each grandparent. I personally don't care for Penn State but my whole family goes nuts over them!
I have begun my work on Leonidas the Lion. I can see this taking forever. This is all I've done so far, hah...

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