Thursday, March 24, 2011

another chalk bag.

I've not been feeling very crafty lately.  I've also been climbing four times a week so it's hard to find time for anything else other than sleeping besides work.  I did make my climbing partner a chalk bag though!  I've pretty much perfected this pattern, and I'm real happy about that at least.

It matches his shoes, just like he wanted!

It's amazing to see these transform by felting.  I casted on the same number of stitches as I did for my bag, only I made it four rows shorter and felted it for 30 minutes longer and the size difference is incredible!  He requested a smaller bag than mine so this was all somewhat planned out but to see it happen is nuts.  Now I'm off to break up the kittens who've decided to wrestle nonstop for the past 30 minutes.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

3/11 hats in 2011!

I finished the flapper hat.  I'm not excited because I don't really like.  I also finished the chalk bag and I love it!  

First the hat...

I really loved this pattern when I first saw it online.  In fact, it's one of the first patterns I favorite'd on Ravelry.  But my yarn choice did not mesh well with the intended design.  I don't know what I'm going to do with it now, maybe my parents can figure out someone who wants it?

Second the chalk bag...

This bag is going to be used!  In fact, I'm going climbing tomorrow and it'll make its debut.  All of the adjustments and picking at the pattern were so worth it.  I'm going to cast on another for Craig soon, I got the yarn he wanted today.  I'm pretty excited for these!

Third the cats...

My cats are little camera hogs.  Well Rivers is, Eli not so much.  Here is a picture of both of them being adorable and after the jump you can see a whole lot of adorable if you should choose to!

Happy week everyone!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

chalk bag round two.

I have not been making anything or blogging due to a bad case of bronchitis.  I actually took my first two sick days from work last Wednesday and Thursday and felt ultra guilty.  I went to the doctor on Thursday and was given some steroids to help me breathe, although they haven't really been working at all.  

On a better/side note, I kind of got a promotion at work!  Instead of working at the State Board of Medicine, I've moved to the State Board of Osteopathic Medicine and Podiatry, where I will actually be evaluating doctors and medical students and issuing licenses.  I've moved my desk over and will hopefully begin training next week!  I'll still be doing the work of my old job for some time and I'm hoping this double duty will keep me safe when the Governor lays off his 500 state employees.

Sometime last week, I finished my second (and hopefully the first usable) chalk bag.  I used my first attempt as a model and improved upon it quite a bit to make this second one more durable.  

First, I did more of a rolled edge and crocheted it so it would stay in place, making the thicker edge more even all the way around.  I also spaced out the eyelets much better so they'll be more even!

I added a crocheted loop to the edge for a carabiner instead of what the original pattern suggested, simply because I didn't like that idea.

On my first attempt, there were teeny holes in the bottom created from the decreasing knit stitches, so I crocheted a circle and sewed it into the bottom to help it hold chalk better!

I hope this attempt is actually usable, unlike my last one!  It is in the washing machine felting as I'm typing.

I've also started my third hat of 2011, a flapper hat featured at Rheatheylia!

Have a happy week everyone!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

chalk bag test run!

The chalk bag test run was a pretty good success.  There were some problems, some notes for chalk bag round 2, but overall worked out great.

Here are some notes:

  1. Paton's Classics Wool Merino is awesome for this project.
  2. Cast on 80, garter stitch AT LEAST 4 rounds, possibly more.
  3. Test run did eyelets at round 15, only made 7.  Next time, do them at round 15 again but space them better and possibly make 8.
  4. Crochet or knit another circle to reinforce the bottom, the decreasing creates small holes and I didn't felt it enough to completely fill those.
  5. GET BIGGER GROMMETS!  I can't completely finish the test run until I return the grommets I got, they're too small!
Pictures of test bag: 

On a side note, moving was a huge success!  I'm all settled in, almost unpacked and going to get bad cats on Saturday!