Friday, November 12, 2010

it's about that time!

It is time for winter hats (at least at night, during the day not so much)!
I am challenging myself to create hats from patterns that I have created. It is very much a learning process and very much a write down EVERYTHING you do process. This is the first pattern I have completed, however I am still planning on altering it to make a more tighter fighting hat and eliminating some of the increases and decreases. I personally prefer my hats to have extra space because I always tuck my hair into them, but most others I know prefer a tighter fit.

I used Patton's Chunky Wool and some scraps of black for the stripes. I also love the texture created by crocheting around the post. This was a new technique that I learned specifically to make this and I am so stoked that it was easier than it looked!

This is the back of the hat flattened out:

And here is the back of the hat actually on my insanely too small, child sized even though it said adult, head mannequin that can't even hold up the weight of the hat! I had to use scissors to anchor it. Gah.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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