Monday, November 15, 2010

i am being ambitious!

I am being ambitious and have begun working on my Christmas presents BEFORE Thanksgiving. I am usually the person who is scrambling around two weeks before Christmas having to endure holiday shopping and traffic. I purchased my Dad's present online earlier today, began making his girlfriend's present and also started my Grandmother and Grandfather's presents.

I decided to make my Dad's girlfriend a nice scarf, seeing as though I don't see her too often, a super elaborate gift would just be awkward. I searched everywhere for a pattern that I considered nice enough and finally found one on Ravelry. Thankfully it was free and is surprisingly quick and easy to crochet. The pattern can be found here however, I don't know if that link will work unless you log in to Ravelry. It is the Queen Anne's Lace Scarf.

I'm using Bernat Mosaic in Medusa to make it, and it makes such a nice fall scarf. The colors are great. Here are some in progress pics...

I can't figure out why this top picture is so dark. Maybe my hand blocked the flash. Gah. Either way, the colors are more truly represented in the bottom picture!

I also began some star shaped, Penn State colored dishcloths for my Grandparents but no pictures of them yet! Hopefully tomorrow I will finish the scarf, complete a dishcloth and begin working on Leonidas the Lion, a pattern I just purchased from Delicious Crochet!

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