Tuesday, November 30, 2010

christmas crafting

I have been on a ROLL when it comes to Christmas crafting. And by that I mean the one project I'm working on, well it's going much quicker than I had expected.

Now the things I have left to do are as follows NOTHING!:
  • Finish Leonidas the Lion
  • Finish embroidering the money cat and finish the hoop nicely
  • Embroider another money cat on different fabric and possibly paint it
  • Embroider a hoop for my grandmother (design has yet to be picked out)
  • Crochet a T-Rex
Not toooo bad considering I have a whole month to do it!

I spent this weekend sick, and learning to spin.
These are the first skeins I've done:

Some more dyeing was done as well! (This spun into the more green of the two skeins pictured above)...

That's pretty much all I have right now. Here's progress on Leonidas...I really hope the person he's for doesn't look at this post!

I just purchased another pattern from Delicious Crochet, this time the T-Rex pattern. After working through Leonidas, I'm excited to start on this new one!

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