Thursday, February 10, 2011

some things.

I've gotten distracted by reading books that I've read a hundred times before.  It has caused my crafting to slow down significantly.  I've casted on my second hat in 2011, the Wurm.  I really hope this hat turns out phenomenal.  The picture shown is the main color, but I got this great dusty sky blue to stripe it with.  I'm excited to see the outcome.  I'm such a slow knitter though.  This has all been made worse by the fact that I went bouldering last weekend and my entire body is protesting.

Extremely fun.  I can't wait to go again.

I love the color green entirely too much!

Spinning progress is very slow.  I haven't been trying much lately because I get discouraged so easily.  This weekend I'm going to call and set up a class.  I've spun a little, but I know I'm doing it all wrong and I want to break bad habits now!  I have about 10oz of this roving I dyed that I want to spin and ply as the first yarn on my wheel.

The hexagonal stashbuster is over halfway done!  It has also taken over the guest bed and I'm out of room.  Only 19 or so hexagons left and then comes attaching and the border.  I'll be stoked when that monstrosity is done.  I get so excited about making blankets, then I remember that I HATE making blankets about 60% of the way through it.  It's ridiculous :D

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