Sunday, February 20, 2011

some progress.

After switching the Wurm from DPNs to circular needles in a larger size, I have made some serious progress!  It is far from perfect, but it is big and slouchy and fun colors, so I think I'll love it. 

All of this progress is motivated by a new project I want to tackle soon.  I found this pattern for a felted chalk bag for rock climbing and bouldering!  This weekend I got my own climbing shoes and a membership to the gym, but I think I'd rather make my own chalk bag than buy one.

I also found an apartment last week and am moving out next Saturday!  I'm very excited to start living on my own again.  Living with my parents wasn't awful at all, it was actually really nice, but I really do enjoy living on my own and paying my own bills and all of that.  It makes me feel like I'm actually accomplishing something by going to work everyday.  I'll also get my lovely kittens back soon!  Ooo I'm so excited.

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