Friday, February 18, 2011

slowing down.

I've been not very crafty and not very bloggy lately.  I've been busy with work, looking for apartments, and having a social life (which is not something I'm used to).  Last night was the first night this week I've had to myself.  I started working on the Wurm again, which was a DISTASTER.  This hat is so simple, but I'm having so many problems.

First, the yarn choice was not ideal.  Paton's Angora Bamboo is wonderful and soft, but the more it is handled, the fuzzier it gets.  The double edging of the hat is unbelievably fuzzy from folding and holding in place while knitting the edges together.  Second, the pattern calls for a change of needles, from a US 4 to a US 6 for the body of the hat.  I couldn't find US 6 16" circulars anywhere, so I decided to do the whole thing on DPNs.  WORST IDEA EVER.  I cannot stress that enough, it was a horrible choice and one I KNEW I'd regret, but I did it anyways.  There were stitches dropped like crazy, the tension was not consistent, and there was an all over sloppiness (also due to fuzziness) that I was just not okay with.  Last night, I frogged almost everything I did on the DPNs and began again with US 7 16" circs.  Hopefully now I'll make some progress.

This weekend I'm setting up a spinning class (I didn't last weekend because I was so busy all week!) AND I have a 3 day weekend.  The weekend will be filled with a Wurm and climbing some boulders and sleeping in.  I'm very excited!

Happy Friday everyone!

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