Sunday, December 19, 2010

new things.

I haven't posted in forever, mainly because I just completed my first week as a government employee and I'm still figuring out how to work, get enough sleep, go to the gym, and still be able to craft things.  It's a tough process.

However here are some finished Christmas presents!

Two hoops, one for my grandfather and his wife, and one for my grandmother.

Both patterns are from Urban Threads although the tree is slightly edited.  I love the Maneki Neko though 1. because it is an adorable cat and 2. it is believed to bring good fortune and money to its owner!

I also finished my T-Rex which is no longer a Christmas present because the person who it was for turned out to be a jackass.  

This is another pattern from Delicious Crochet, although I must say, I liked Leonidas the Lion much better.  This dinosaur is adorable, but there were some quirks with the pattern that I didn't like.  For one, I followed the pattern exactly and it doesn't really look like the picture that was emailed with the pattern.  Mine doesn't stand up on his own because his head is giant and his body is not.  In the pictures, my XBox control is weighting his tail down.  I still love him, and he is precious, but I must admit I was a litttle tiny bit disappointed.  Gah, I hate to even say that.

Now I'm working on more spinning (I'm asking Dad for a wheel for Christmas!) and a baby blanket for my step sister.  Maybe sometime soon I'll get around to making something for me :D

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