Saturday, December 4, 2010

look at all this fiber-y goodness!

Yesterday I went on an adventure to Flying Fibers in Landisville, PA. The store is about 25 minutes away from my house, and one of the only stores of its kind near me. I was pleasantly surprised by how easy the shop was to find, and how wonderful the staff was! I discovered that classes are offered at the shop on a variety of topics including spinning on a wheel, knitting, crocheting, cables, sweaters and more. Once I get more competent at drop spindle spinning, I may take a class on wheel spinning, just to learn.

The selection of roving was amazing as well, the variety is listed on their website.

I cannot wait to go back! Yesterday I got...

4.6oz of Shetland

4oz of Jacob

Blue Faced Leicester (I don't know the amount, it was pre-priced)

On another note, my mom has decided to NOT wrap all the spinning related gifts I'm getting for Christmas (she says she's going green), so i was given all of this yesterday and today!

ONE POUND of undyed natural wool roving from Smokey Mountain Fibers

2oz of hand dyed firestar from WC Mercantile

1oz of hand dyed firestar from Rhinofluff! (previously called Traveling Rhinos)

I also got a crock pot, specifically for fiber dyeing! Gah, I'm so excited.

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