Tuesday, December 28, 2010

i'm still alive!

Kind of.  I don't feel very well and am desperately trying to get better so I can go to Philadelphia for NYE. I don't have any finished projects, but I have two WIPs to show off!

Firstly is a baby blanket for my step sister who is expecting a little girl sometime early next year.  I used the squares from the Lil' Monkey Afghan in the Happy Hooker but adapted the pattern to how I wanted the entire thing to look.  The problem is, I've run out of my white yarn with only TWO sides to go until the end!  I hate when that happens.  So I'm saving a finished product picture until it really is finished, and I'll just show some pictures of squares! 


The second project is yet another blanket, this time a stashbuster!  These are my favorite kinds of blankets, they turn out amazing.  

This is the first stashbuster I made, earlier this year.  I finished approximately 21 different skeins of yarn making it!  It's a little larger than my bed which is full sized.  There is some fun fur, some sequins, some wool, and some crazy stuff that I don't really remember in that blanket.  The large granny square worked well because of the different yarn weights.

Now my stash is all similarly weighted, so I'm going to do a hexagonal motif stashbuster, using 5 different motifs from Beyond the Square!  It is going to take forever, but hopefully it'll be worth it.  Here's progress...

Pretty soon, I'll have a big post to show off my spinning, I've gotten 3 good sized skeins so far on my drop spindle and have two sets of roving dyed to try out when I get my wheel! Gah I'm so excited.


Amy said...

I remember seeing that stashbuster afghan on Craftster. I LOOOOVE it! I think I might need to do something like that for all of my yarn! lol!
And I'm definitely going to need to see some videos on spinning. How did you learn? I'm scared that I'm going to mess up the wool I have! lol!

LC said...

I got a kit on Etsy and watched a LOT of youtube videos. The Art of Megan videos were really helpful, so check those out. I had some problems because I got a bottom whorl spindle and most videos were for top whorl.

But mostly, practice and don't get discouraged. My first three skeins of yarn are mostly atrocious, but I can see how much better I'm getting by continuing. Now I'll need to remind myself about the discouraged and practicing thing when I get my wheel, hah.