Thursday, December 9, 2010

elliot & rivers.

Today, I really, REALLY miss my cats. So I'm going to post about them and hope that this cheers me up. First I will tell the story of how they came to be...

In May 2007, I moved to Murfreesboro, TN to finish college and lived in an apartment by myself, in a state where I knew nobody. I eventually called my mom and asked her if I could get a cat, so I wouldn't be alone all the time.
This is how I acquired baby Elliot (who is now simply called "Eli" unless he is in serious trouble). He was adopted from Petsmart's Adoption Center when he was a little, tiny kitten...

When I went home for Christmas, my neighbor would feed Eli and hang out with him while watching TV, but he would still get very upset having to be by himself for so many nights. When I went back to Tennessee I decided that maybe a brother would be best for Eli, so I went back to Petsmart to find an eight or nine month old male cat.

This is how Rivers the cat came to be!

Together, the brothers spent their days getting into mischief and hanging out with their girlfriend Kiki (my roommate's cat)

(yes, she has a cone on her head)

When I moved home, my grandparents offered to babysit the brothers until I got settled which has taken much longer than anticipated. The cats can't come to my parents house because my step dad is allergic, but they're having a nice little vacation. I start my new (full time and much better paying) job on Monday, so hopefully early next year I'll be able to move out and get the little monsters back!

This definitely did make me feel better :)

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