Friday, January 7, 2011


I have two finished skeins and one partially finished skein of yarn and am happy to say they will be my last done on a drop spindle!  I ordered my wheel and it should be here in another week or so.  After doing a bunch of research, I ordered an Ashford Kiwi from Flying Fibers.

Anyways, here are the finished (or semi-finished) skeins...



115yds/wool (slightly unfinished but is now hanging up to dry):

All of these were hand dyed by me.  I'm not so crazy about the green or the yellow, they were mostly failed experiments.  All three came from the pound of roving my Mom got me for Christmas.  I have the rest of that pound and some Blue Faced Leicester already dyed and waiting for my wheel!  So excited...

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Amy said...

Those are so beautiful!!! And I can't wait to see what you can do on a wheel!
I"m really excited to start spinning. Thanks so much for the videos! I really hope to get started soon and not screw it up too much. lol