Tuesday, January 11, 2011

lil flower afghan.

My step sister is having a baby sometime in the next several months so Mom asked me to make her a blanket in the colors Meghan picked out for the baby's room.  I didn't want to make another star afghan so I thought I'd try out granny squares.  This is the first project that I've actually fully completed, joined the squares and added a border.  I'm impressed hah.

The squares without flowers are from the Happy Hooker's Lil Monkey Afghan.  The squares with flowers are my edited version of motif #114 in Beyond The Square.  It turned out pretty great and I'm very happy with it.  Yarn info and all that jazz are on Ravelry.  Here are some pics...

I'm still working on hexagons for my stashbuster!  I am almost halfway done.  I took a break this weekend and joined a row together instead of making more.  Here's a little teaser picture of what is going on so far:

Hopefully in another month or so it'll be done.  It is going to be MASSIVE and awesome.  I'm excited.  Anyways, happy week everyone!


Ali said...

Gorgeous blankets! I love that Li'l monkey pattern, your version looks fab! I did it myself a while back and took some pics of the baby with it today to post later this week :)

The Ballards said...

I seriously love this blanket. I can't wait to take pictures of her with it! Thanks again, Linds! :)