Saturday, September 8, 2012

today i...

Yesterday and today have been extremely productive (not really).  But kind of...let's see...

First, I watched this happen:
I'm not going to lie, I have a weird phobia of heights.  I don't know that I'd say I'm scared of heights, because I do rock climb on a regular basis, but watching this made me so nauseous I had to turn away.  Same goes for when I saw Avatar and Sam Worthington was climbing up to the floaty mountains to wrestle his dragon - I had to close my eyes because I physically could not watch how high he was.

Second, I ran a 5k through a corn field/Amish country.  Pretty fun times!  Then I immediately went home and went to bed because my alarm was set for 4:50am for this: 
Surprisingly, I didn't die (clearly) although I did next to no training.  I'm also an idiot and don't suggest anyone try this ever - I am seriously paying for it now and am hobbling everywhere.  However, I also PR'd and because I learn from positive reinforcement like this, I'll probably never train for anything ever again.
The course was gorgeous and every water stop was manned by Amish children who volunteered for support.  They seemed to enjoy all standing in a row chanting "water, water, powerade, powerade" like little zombies.  But really, it was adorable to see and I was certainly happy they were there.

Now, I'm cooking Orange Chicken and attempting to turn this:
Into this:
I didn't use a recipe, I just boiled a lot of white vinegar, added sea salt, celery salt, ground mustard and garlic.  Hopefully it'll be edible (it smells really good!) but it's a work in progress.  Obviously I'm not even trying to fake canning them, I just put them in jars and close the lid.  

And because I sometimes pretend to make things, I'm hard at work on my quilt.  I have both the quilt top and backing pieced but I need to get it over to my parents to press the seams before I start quilting.  It seems my iron was lost in the move!

If you made it through all of this nonsense, I applaud you.

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