Saturday, April 2, 2011

spring things!

I haven't been blogging or crafting lately because honestly, I've had a pretty terrible week.  I made the decision to let my kittens permanently live at my grandparents home for several reasons, but mostly because I was never home to spend time with them and I felt bad.  My grandfather LOVES these cats, so I know they have the best home ever, but it has not been fun adjusting an empty apartment again.

My mom knew I was upset so today we went out and had a whole day that resulted in lots of colorful, spring-like, happy purchases made by me.  I've decided to share them to make up for the lack of finished projects (although I'm back on track with my hexagons and only have 12 to go!)

First, because I don't have kittens anymore, I can have plants and flowers again.  A long time ago, my grandmother decided to get both my mom and I a potted flower bulb for Christmas every year in two different colors.  This year my mom's bloomed and mine didn't but it turned into a pretty cool plant.  My mom has also gotten into the habit of getting me some kind of grow-y thing for Christmas so I planted her bulbs about 2 weeks ago and they've bloomed!  Very pretty looking in my kitchen, right next to my falcon screen prints I did in college.

We went to Ikea last week and she also got me my wonderful money tree that's holding up my new Bret Easton Ellis book that's waiting to be read.  We got a jade plant and some daisies and later in the week she surprised me with tulips (one of my favorites)!

I started my little crochet corner as well, and have my T-rex, octopod and Amy's (The Mad Crafter) little yeti all on display!

We got these little egg holders that are standing to guard my avocado pit that I'm trying to coax into growing.  I also got this awesome wind chime that's more than adorable, hanging in my room.

Got some pretty colored frames as well for two of my favorite pictures.  My grandfather and I in New York with the Twin Towers in the background and my father, myself and his first lab Cedar at Christmas!

BUT my pride and joy purchase was this guy....

my new Baby Lock sewing machine!  Oooo I'm so excited to start playing with it.


Amy said...

So, I just love seeing my stuff in other people's houses! The yeti looks so at home there!
And my mom recently got a Babylock (which was rare because she's always been partial to either Singer or Bernina.) However, she got a Babylock embroidery machine and she LOOOOOOOOOOVES it! I hope you love yours too!

LC said...

The machine I originally wanted was a Singer, but the first store I looked at only carried Babylock and Janome and ended up finding exactly what I wanted.
Your yeti used to stand on top of my T-Rex, but I have a new entertainment stand so he gets his own place with the octopus! He looks great there!