Monday, June 25, 2012

being reclusive.

It's kind of embarrassing to admit how reclusive I can be when I'm absorbed in a good book or series.  I'll dedicate all of my time to reading until there is no more to read.  Game of Thrones is no exception.  I've finished the first three books in about 2 weeks (that's approximately 2741 pages) and I'm almost 200 pages into the fourth book.  

I've been working on a new blanket...I've got 7 rows finished of the 10 I've been planning although I fear I'll have to make more hexagons to finish.  Here's a teaser pic:

And with that, I'll leave you with my new favorite saying, thank you George R.R. Martin, I'm sure everyone appreciates this:

Sunday, June 17, 2012

i'm still the worst blogger ever.

And that is a fact. Here is an update of the past several months in pictures!
This actually happened today!  11 mile bike ride, my first ride using clip in pedals.  I forgot to unclip and tipped over when I stopped!
My first completed quilt.
Quilted pillow case!
Orioles game
A day in Baltimore, the National Aquarium and a baseball game.
Concord grapes, just started this year.
My first class towards my Master's Degree.
Tour of the south rock climbing trip!
Hershey 10k, 2012.
Horse Pens 40, Alabama.

Soddy-Daisy, Tennessee.

Horse Pens 40, Alabama.

LaFayatte, Georgia.

Craig at Little Rock City.

Handmade bow and arrow.
I spend my days at work, my nights working on school and any time in between reading the second Game of Thrones novel.  Slowly but surely I'm working sewing, crocheting and baking back into my routine.  I need to be more dedicated!  We'll see...